AccountingSuite has a new REST web-service interface. It's based on the OData standard

API endpoint:{tenant_id}/odata/standard.odata

The API is now enabled for all production databases. As soon as you activate your free 30-day trial, you can instantly play around with our API.

A nice client we suggest using for testing is the apigee web console. This client makes it easy to send GET and POST requests, along with the ability to pass in Headers, and Body entries.

Our API supports all major catalog and document modules of AccountingSuite along with a few other modules. For sample purposes, we will be using Catalog_Products, Catalog_Companies, Catalog_Addresses, ChartOfAccounts_ChartOfAccounts, and Document_GeneralJournalEntry. This is the typical naming format for our metadata types. You can get support for this API (knowledge base, tickets, and live chat) at